Our April 2023 Update brings a redesigned app and significant upgrades to the entire COROS training solution with an all-new running fitness system, improved EvoLab, brand-new Explore page, location and map manager, and many more improvements. Whether you're training for a goal or exploring outdoors, the ultimate GPS watch just got even better.
Training is about making progress. From the moment you open the app, the all-new Progress page helps you prioritize achieving goals by giving you instant access to your recent activities, sleep tracking data, Training Status and much more. You can also customize your view to prioritize the information you need the most.
Go Deeper Into Your Data
Simply tap any of the cards on your Progress page to access more details and historical data to review how you're progressing over time.
From understanding your metrics to planning your next workout, our new app empowers you to take control of your training and fitness.
Training Status
Using a combination of Base Fitness and Load Impact data, your Training Status provides a snapshot of your fitness so you can easily see if it's improving or declining, and how well you are managing fatigue.
Weekly Training Load
As most athletes plan their workouts on a weekly basis, you can now get an instant look at how your Training Load is tracking to stay injury free, or peak when you need to. You can also view by month or year track against longer term goals.
Enhanced Workout Planning
View your Training Calendar
Quickly see the workouts you have planned for the week.
Create new workouts
Tap into your Training Calendar to add new workouts.
Edit planned workouts
Drag and drop planned workouts on the go.
Running Fitness
Every runner is different, and every runner has different strengths and weaknesses. The all-new Running Fitness system will help you understand how you're performing across four core running abilities: Base, Endurance, Speed, and Sprint
Manage Route & Location Collection
Access your Collection from the Explore page to quickly select saved routes or locations.
View and manage your saved routes with distance and elevation profile.
View and manage your saved locations with custom icons, addresses, and elevations.
Apply filters based on type, distance, region and source.
On-Wrist Navigation
Sync your routes to any compatible COROS device* for a seamless one-button navigation experience. Use the Digital Dial to zoom in and out on the map, and use the touchscreen** to move from one area to another.

*PACE 1 and KIPRUN 500 do not support on-watch navigation. Update your PACE 2 to the latest firmware to receive breadcrumb mapping capabilities.

**PACE 2 does not support touchscreen experiences.

PACE 2 Navigation. You can now navigate with breadcrumb mapping on PACE 2.
Sleep Tracking. A new and improved breakdown of your sleep data makes it easier to understand how well you are sleeping.
Recovery. We've added a long-term recovery trend view and recovery time recommendation.
Offline Maps Management. Easily download or delete maps for your COROS watch* directly from the app.
*Only available for WiFi-capable COROS watches
Running Fitness Test. Our new Running Fitness Test is a quick way to obtain, or reassess, your current fitness levels.
Get Support. You can now submit an inquiry for product support directly from the app.